May 8, 2017

2017 April Kids Coloring Contest Winner

Congratulations to Aiden (Age 4) from Chicago for being our APRIL coloring contest winner!

Aiden, we’ll be sending you these super fun coloring placemats and animal crayon set – we can’t wait to see what you do with it!

Thank you to everyone who participated! I can’t wait to see your May entries 😀

WINNER: Aiden (age 4), Chicago, USA


Ava (age 9), California, USA
Mia (age 7), California, USA
Miria (age 7), Michigan, USA
Laurel (age 9), California, USA
Lana (age 7), Delaware, USA
Wren (age 6 -almost 7), New York, USA
Aila (age 4), Oregon, USA
Adelaide (age 7), British Columbia, Canada
Kalli (age 7), Washington, USA
Savannah (age 6), Georgia, USA
Eady (age 8), Alberta, Canada
Āni (age 8), Queensland, Australia
Conrad (age 4), New York, USA
Anabelle (age 5), California, USA
Alyssa (age 8), California, USA
Emmaline (age 3), South Carolina, USA
Gwen (age 8), California, USA
Pippa (age 7), Queensland, Australia
Sammy (age 4), Massachusettes, USA
Hailey (age 6), New York, USA
Eleanore (age 5), Illinois, USA
Nayah (age 8), California, USA
Tean (age 13), New South Wales, Australia
Ellie (age 5), Minnesota, USA
Cael (age 7), Michigan, USA
Mae (age 5), Michigan, USA
Ashlinn (age 4), Washington, USA
Angie (age 7), Utah, USA
Georgina (age 8), New York, USA
Emma (age 8), Idaho, USA
Anais (age 7), New South Wales, USA
Ethan (age 4), Alberta, Canada
Megan (age 8), Alberta, Canada
Kaitlyn (age 6), Alberta, Canada
Kayla (age 5), Oklahoma, USA
Emily (age 5), California, USA
Paige (age 4), New York, USA

Want to color this one again? Download the printable here! 

2 thoughts on “2017 April Kids Coloring Contest Winner”

  1. Congrats Aiden!
    I have sent my daughter Paige’s entries twice and her name has not been on either list of entries. Have I been sending it in wrong? I send a photo of her work to the email listed on the card.

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