February 1, 2017


Congratulations to Adeline (age 7) from New Jersey for being our coloring contest winner! We’ve had some rainbow vibes going on this past month and this colorful dino looked perfect in the Pipsticks Studio this last month!

Adeline, we’ll be sending you this super cool Activity Calendar + Ultimate Crayola collection and we can’t wait to see what you do with it!

Thank you to everyone who participated! I can’t wait to see your February entries 😀

WINNER: Adeline (Age 7), New Jersey, USA

Townes (Age 6), New South Wales, Australia
Eva (Age 9), New South Wales, Australia
Pippa (Age 7), Queensland, Australia
Melody (Age 6), Queensland, Australia
Lorenz (Age 8), Vienna, Austria
Hailey (Age 11), Alberta, Canada
Adelaide (Age 7), British Columbia, Canada
Emma (Age 4), British Columbia, Canada
Zoe (Age 8), British Columbia, Canada
Aria (Age 4), Ontario, Canada
Martin (Age 3), Baden-Württemberg, Germany
Nina (Age 7 3/4), London, Great Britain
Leila, Wellington, New Zealand
Wren (Age 6), California, USA
Emily (Age 5), California, USA
Sahara (Age 11), California, USA
Abby (Age 5), Connecticut, USA
Emma (Age 9), Idaho, USA
Hannah (Age 10), Iowa, USA
Dahlia (Age 11), Kentucky, USA
Knox (Age 6), Louisiana, USA
Gillian (Age 8), Louisiana, USA
Lauren (Age 7), Maryland, USA
Lucas (Age 5), Massachusetts, USA
Ava (Age 6), Massachusetts, USA
Drew (Age 6), Massachusetts, USA
Ellie (Age 5), Minnesota, USA
Cael (Age 7), Minnesota, USA
Emily (Age 9), Minnesota, USA
Victoria (Age 4), Minnesota, USA
Beatrix (Age 6), New Hampshire, USA
Jack (Age 7), New Jersey, USA
Hinda (Age 8), New York, USA
Adelyn (Age 8 1/2), North Dakota, USA
Oliver (Age 10), Ohio, USA
Abby (Age 9), Oregon, USA
Emily (Age 8), Pennsylvania, USA
Nina (Age 3), South Carolina, USA
Lucia (Age 10), Texas, USA
Landon (Age 8), Vermont, USA
Hope (Age 10), Virginia, USA
Emily (Age 4), Washington, USA
Lucy (Age 7), Washington, USA
Olivia (Age 6), Washington, USA
Paige (4 1/2), New York, USA

Mo xoxo

p.s. See February’s VIP Raffle Prizes and check out these cute Printable Valentine Sticker Books!


    1. Hi Amber! Yes, we do! We find it’s pretty fun for the kids to see their name posted, even if they didn’t wine.

      If I missed someone, let me know and I’ll get it updated ASAP! Or if you’d like us to not include your child’s name, I can remove it if it’s posted already or just let me know in the email you send through and we’ll make sure to keep it private.

      Have a lovely day!

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