December 7, 2017


Congratulations to Élina (age 7) from Maine for being our NOVEMBER coloring contest winner!

Élina, we’ll be sending you these super fun Playful Animals Erasers-these puzzle erasers are perfect for long road trips and also are awesome collectibles to share or trade! We know you’re going to have a blast with them!

Thank you to everyone who participated! I can’t wait to see your December entries!

WINNER: Élina – Age 7, Maine,USA

Lindsey– Age 6, Louisiana, USA
Hailey–New York, USA
Claire– Age 5, Gatineau, CAN
Mirai– Age 8, Michigan, USA
Laina– Age 6,  Pennsylvania , USA
Élina- Age 7, Maine, USA
Lauren– Age 7, Missouri, USA
Sariah– Age 8, California, USA
Sol– Age 4, New York, USA
Amelia-Wynn– Age 6,  Montréal, CAN
Darby– Age , Chicago, USA
Boden– Age 8, Minnesota, USA
Beatrix– Age 8,  Tennessee, USA
Chloé’–Age 5, Lutry, Switzerland
Antonin– Age , Hikurangi , NZ
Pippa- Age 4, Gordon, AUS
Kayla- Age 6, Oklahoma, USA
Kellie- California, USA
Thomas- Age 4, Connecticut, USA

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