July 12, 2021

2021 July VIP Giveaway

Snow cones, beach balls, coconut-scented sunscreen, flamingo floaties, pool parties… Yes, please! We are living this summer like there is no tomorrow because it takes losing something to realize how much you love it.

The entire Pips team has now moved to a new office and we can’t wait to show you all the fun projects we are working on.

These are our July 2021 VIP Giveaway prizes for 2 lucky Kids and Pro Club subscribers:


Dream BIG with this dynamic space projector that brings the stars to your bedroom. These projectors are the next level of those glow-in-the-dark stickies you would put on your walls as a kid and they are WAY cooler too. It is also a regular night light, it has a timer and a few different light modes to choose from.

July 2021 Kids Club VIP Giveaway Prize | Space projector


A froyo maker is what you need to make this summer feel more like summer. Saying this is a frozen yogurt maker is just a little misleading since it also makes ice cream… and even sorbet (for the foodies in the family)!

July 2021 Pro Club VIP Giveaway Prize | Cuisinart Pink Ice cream & frozen yogurt maker

Remember that if you are a Sticker Club member, you don’t have to do A THING to enter. It’s just a perk for being a subscriber and just another awesome part of our Club! We give away 6 prizes per month! 2 VIP Prizes (PINK Ticket) and four 3-month sticker subscriptions (SILVER Ticket!).

If you haven’t joined our sticker club yet, join now! Not only are you missing out on the amazing stickers, but you’re missing these sweet VIP perks!

Mo xoxo

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