January 2, 2017

December Kids Club Coloring Contest Winner

Congratulations to Eadith (age 7) from Croydon, AU for being our coloring contest winner! The vibrant colors looked great on the Pipsticks cork board this last month!

Eadith, we’ll be sending you this super cool Instax Camera and we can’t wait to see what you do with it!

Thank you to everyone who participated! I can’t wait to see your January entries 😀

Eadith (Age 7), New South Wales, Australia
Willow (Age 3.5), South Yorkshire, Great Britain
Jakila (Age 12), Arizona
Ava (Age 11), Missouri
Zoe (Age 10), California
Audrey (Age 8), California
Atticus (Age 6), California
Ella (Age 5), California
Ike (Age 3), California
Joanna (Age 11), California
Asher (Age 9), Michigan
Evangeline (Age 9), New South Wales, AU
Conrad (Age 4), New York
Millie (Age 10), Victoria, AU
Jenna, California
Nora (Age 8), Florida
Leah (Age 4), British Columbia, Canada

xo Mo

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