December 15, 2015

Holiday Sticker Countdown


We think the anticipation of awesome things is almost (if not more!) fun than the awesome thing itself. So, why not max out that anticipation with a few little teasers along the way? We know our sticker club subscribers love surprises – and we KNOW that they love stickers. Just like stickers + mail are a drool worthy match, stickers + surprises are a close second when it comes to making us jump out of bed in the morning.

This super easy DIY will build the excitement before a birthday, holiday, or any special event. It’s all about anticipation … one day at a time.


What you’ll need:

Envelopes (you’ll need one for each day of the countdown)
Sheets of stickers
Numbered stamps or pens
Washi tape
Clips or clothespins


What to do:

  1. Cut the stickers down so they fit inside the envelopes.sticker-count-down-stamp
  2. Stamp or write the number of days til the big day on the envelopes (decorating them is also encouraged!).sticker-count-down-stuff
  3. Fill the envelopes with the stickers, saving the best ones for last.sticker-count-down-hang
  4. Clip the envelopes to the string in order of number, hang anywhere that the cat won’t get it (they love stickers too).
  5. Have the kiddos or friends open one a day at a time (we know, it’s tempting to do all at once) and enjoy the countdown!

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