August 10, 2016

August VIP Giveaways!

After launching our Pipsticks Raffle last month, I’m SO excited to announce that as of August, EVERY Pipsticks subscription pack will include a raffle ticket. This is each subscriber’s entry into the month’s raffle!

Benefits, babe! That’s what we’re all about around here 🙂

As usual, the winning ticket will be announced in next month’s sticker pack newsletter. So, let’s get to the goodies…


This month, our Pro Club subscribers have a chance to win an awesomely inspiring set of 96 dual tipped Tombo markers.

tombo markers

We’ve been completely mesmerized by the hand lettering videos on Instagram and thought you guys could definitely put these to great use with your journals, planners, snail mail, etc. They are amazing and so fun to play around with!

Taken from @rustysparkles IG Feed


Our Kids Club subscribers will have a chance to win this super cool stencil set.



It comes with 20 quality stencil plates (320 designs), which is sure to keep the little one in your life busy and inspired. It also comes with a durable little carrying case which, as a mom, I totally appreciate. It’s also the perfect canvas for a little sticker bombing 🙂

Stay tuned… winners announced in the September sticker packs!

** The best part of our raffle is you don’t have to do A THING to enter. It’s just a perk for being a subscriber and an awesome part of our #stickersquad! **

If you haven’t joined our sticker club yet, join now! Not only are you missing out on the amazing stickers, but you’re missing these sweet VIP perks 🙂

Mo xoxo

p.s. Tell me your ideas for raffle prizes!

3 thoughts on “August VIP Giveaways!”

  1. What happens if we have a ticket but we have to skip a month due to financial needs? Since we won’t get the next months newsletter does that mean our tickets won’t count? Just curios.
    Keep up the awesome job, your monthly sub is awesome! Can’t wait till my work picks back up so I can start it again!!!

    1. Hi JoJo! Your tickets are always good – you just have to claim your prize within two months of the winning ticket being announced! Can’t wait to have you back in the club 🙂 xoxo

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