November 23, 2016

Behind the sticker love: Meet Katie

This week, to celebrate Thanksgiving, I’m sharing what I’m most thankful for around the Pipsticks HQ: my ridiculously awesome team!

And, since it IS get-started-on-your-holiday-shopping week as well, we’ll be running a daily deal on the day that the post goes up! Check back all week to get some killer buys and cyber schmooze the amazing peeps behind the sticker love…

One-for-one: This month, we’re donating a sticker pack to Compass Family Shelter for each Kids Subscription sold through December!

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Weird codes, I know…keep reading 🙂


Name: Katie (AKA Kathryn)
Title: Sticky Agent Neville
Nicknames: Pants & Katie
Sign: Leo

What do you eat for breakfast?
Dry toast and hard boiled eggs… There’s not enough time for anything else!

What’s your most embarrassing childhood moment?
I mean, being a kid is embarrassing. I guess, hugging a stranger thinking it was my mom. My mom had really curly hair, so that would happen whenever there was someone with similar hair. * Awkward Face*

What’s your favorite movie?
That’s a tough one… I watch “Jaws” pretty often.

What’s your favorite sticker in the Pipsticks collection?
The Shiny Parakeets. wheelin-large

What are you currently reading?
The Stranger Beside Me

When you’re alone at Pipsticks HQ, what are you listening to?
Bill Evans

What can’t you live without?
Water, literally… or sauerkraut. I had cottage cheese & sauerkraut for dessert last night.

What are you into?
Comedy podcasts, especially anything with Matt Gourley. Modern dance. Soup, gazpacho soup! Because it’s the best of both worlds, it’s tomato soup and a cold soup. Survivor, that’s relatable, right? go ADAM! Oh, and Dungeons and Dragons


Tell us about your D&D Character.
My character is a genderless, half-elf, half-human, coastal druid, named Mulchence Lundarious Sullivan (level 6).

Good luck and goodnight!


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p.s. The plan for Thanksgiving week.

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