August 8, 2019

Pipsticks + Kit Palaskas Collab + Giveaway!

Kit Palaskas is basically my art soul sister… she shares my love for bright colors and fun nostalgic items from the 90s…and did I mention she does some crazy cool things with felt AND Piñatas?!

Photography: On Jackson Street

Kit is a craft based designer who makes everything handmade and her Instagram and website are a wonderland for spunky and spirited art. Her art truly captures the spirit of “fun for all ages”.

Photography: Mark Lobo

Pipsticks + Kitiya Palaskas GIVEAWAY

After meeting Kit at Altitude Summit (where she gifted me the cutest tiny piñata) I knew we were destined to create some neon sticker magic!

It seemed fitting for our 5th anniversary month to throw in a fun #throwback and homage to the 90’s and early 2000’s (who else remembers Furbies?!)

And hey… a little party (sticker sheet) never killed nobody! Especially when Kit’s designs are this fun, simple, and bright!

Here’s what you’ll win:

    • Copy of Kit Palaska’s book Pinata Party
    • “Good Vibes” Felt flag
    • 4 adorable iron on patches
    • Girl power pin and a plant pin
    • 3 Month Pipsticks Gift Subscription

The giveaway will run through August 31st, so be sure to max out your entries and tell all your friends!!


Pipsticks + Kitiya Palaskas Giveaway

Don’t have social media? It’s cool, just enter your email above and you’ll be entered to win. Also, EVERYONE in our Pro Sticker Club will also receive an entry, so if you’re not already a subscriber, go sign up!

Contest ends at 11:59 PM PST on Saturday, August 31st.

The winner will be announced Tuesday September 3rd, and will be contacted via email or social media. Contest Terms & Conditions

Read our Q+A with Kit below and be sure to sign up for the Pro Sticker Club to get her stickers (if you’re not already a member).

Let’s chat with Kit Palaskas

Photography: On Jackson Street

Where do you live? Where are you from?
Melbourne, Australia, but I’m half Thai, half Greek, and was born in New Zealand

What do you LOVE? 
90s RnB, snacks, adventures, swimming in the ocean, margaritas, tiki culture, squashed-face cats, Law & Order SVU marathons

Photography: On Jackson Street

What did you want to be when you grew up as a child?
An optometrist, a truck driver, an actress, lead singer in a band, an author (nailed this one!), host on kids craft show (still working on this one)

What do you do for work?
I’m a craft-based designer, I make props, installations and images for commercials, magazine spreads, retail spaces and events, everything is handmade!


What’s the thing you’re most proud of making?
My craft book, Piñata Party, and a huge felt collaged artwork for Lily Allen.

How many hours a day do you spend on creativity?
24/7 Baby!!!

Photography: On Jackson Street

What’s an exciting idea you’ve had recently?
I want to create a pop-up shop filled entirely with felt plants

What’s your favorite color combination right now?
Klein blue, pastel pink and mint green


When did you fall in love with stickers?
When I was 5 and given a puffy vinyl sticker book for my birthday. I started out collecting the label stickers from fruit, and the collection grew from there.

What’s in your perfect trail mix?
Toasted mixed nuts, coconut flakes, a sprinkling of dates, and some sneaky chocolate buds because, why not.

Photography: On Jackson Street

Coffee or Tea?
Coffee, THEN tea!

What’s your favorite movie?
The entire Fast & Furious Franchise

Photography: On Jackson Street

What’s the best present you’ve received?
A custom neon sign of a pink heart with my name written inside, and a hand painted, gilded portrait of Ice T (both from my amazing boyfriend who knows the way to my heart is through neon and Law & Order!)

What are three Instagram accounts that inspire you?
Inspiring music project: @colorsxstudios, cake guru: @hebe_konditori, and guaranteed to make you want to quit your job and form a dance crew: @officialroyalfamilydancecrew

Thanks Kit! We are so stoked to see your stickers in the 2019 September Pro subscription packs! 

Follow Kitiya Palaskas here, and don’t miss out on her amazing stickers!

Mo xoxo

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