July 15, 2021

Moxi Skates + Pipsticks Collaboration

Moxi Skates + Pipsticks Stickers is actually. Happening!! You might want to sit down for this…

About four months ago I got an email. It was from the founder of Moxi Skates and they wanted to get coffee WITH ME!! Flash forward a week to the two of us drinking iced coffee as our brains just about exploded with a bajillion ideas of how we might work together.

Moxi Skates + Pipsticks

I’ve loved Moxi for years (ever since I became nostalgic for my tweenage birthday parties at Skate King one day and googled roller skates four years ago). I own the prettiest pair of Moxi skates (the aqua Lolly skates) and – though I don’t have quite as much time as I’d like to use – they’re totally symbolic of the life I want to live. Roller skating!

Just like stickers, Moxi roller skates light you up and add color and nostalgia to your life. We’re a match made in heaven 🙂

We’re kicking off our sticker + skate love fest with an August collab. You’ll find a super fun sheet of stickers illustrated by two rockstar skaters (who also happen to be part of the Moxi team) in the August Pro Club sticker pack!!

Moxi Skates + Pipsticks Collab

Our August 2021 Pro pack will feature this dreamy sticker sheet.

The Good Times Roll by Moxi Skates

Here’s a sneak peek of some of the other stickers in our Pro Club sticker pack…

Sneak Peek August Pro Club Sticker pack

Collab Giveaway

We couldn’t be happier to add Moxi to our list of sticker collabs and are celebrating with a magical giveaway – the winner will receive a pair of Pink Rainbow Rider Skates + a $100 Pipsticks Shopping Spree (BTW, there is a loooooong waiting list for Moxi skates these days!).

Pipsticks + Moxi Skates Giveaway

Giveaway is now closed. Congrats to Melissa M. our winner! Woo hoo!

Moxi 101

Moxi Skates was founded in 2008 by Michelle Steilen, who fell in love with rollerskating from a young age and on their roller derby days as @estrojen. Moxi Skates are made in the USA by Riedell Shoes Inc, a 75-year-old roller skates manufacturer. These whimsical and colorful skates are currently sold at Urban Outfitters, Bando, Dolls Kill, and roughly 200 roller rinks and skate shops worldwide.

Mox Skates - Pink & Baby Blue

Quick facts

  • Year founded: 2008
  • CEO: Michelle Steilen, 35
  • Moxi’s shop location: Venice Beach
Mox Skates - Bowl shot


Mox Skates - Ranbows


Mox Skates - Rainbow Stairs

You can shop Moxi Skates on their online shop and follow on Instagram @moxirollerskates.

Thanks to the Moxi team for a fabulous collab and hopefully many more to come!

xo Mo

46 thoughts on “Moxi Skates + Pipsticks Collaboration”

  1. I am such a big sticker fan and I was thinking of getting my sister rollerskates for her birthday because we used to go to the skate rink when we were little so this would be the most perfect collaboration because it would be representative of both my sister’s interests and my interests :))

  2. Collaboration is what makes the world go round. Thank you guys for always bringing light to our days. Made love 💛 Just got my first pack of stickers. Feels good to be apart of the club.

  3. Entered and love both your stickers and Moxi skates! Hope the giveaway is open to Canada too 🙂

  4. My daughter and I LOVE this collab! We love Pipsticks and love Moxi Roller Skates! Being able to share two of my passions as a young girl, stickers and roller skating, with my 14 year old is truly amazing! So excited!!

  5. I spent my youth on skates, never walked anywhere! Can’t wait to own a pair of these beauties 😍

  6. Moxi skates are to die for 🍭🍬 never had my own but my most of my crowd does and they’re so cute!!

  7. Omg my bday is on 20 August😍 would love to try out these Moxi Beautys❤❤❤❤❤❤

    So so much. I like them al, but the black ones have my preference

  8. Holaa, me hace mucha ilusión poder ganar este sorteo, vivo en un centro desde pequeña y nunca he tenido unos patines. Quiero que mis primeros patines sean de moxiiiii!!!!

  9. I’m a big sticker addict. Love them ever since I was a little girl. Especially the scratch and sniff which are hard to find now. Stickers just make everything look just right plus they make me happy, they bring back memories of my childhood. As for the roller skates always had some growing up as a kid. I wasn’t really good at it but I loved them and used them everyday. I recently bought some roller skates to practice and I still got it. Wouldn’t mind winning a pair of moxi roller skates cause they’re really dope. Been wanting some moxi but somehow the ones that I’ve been wanting are always sold out. So it would be nice to win this giveaway.

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