November 6, 2014

Pretty pencils

Now that school is in full swing, these are a great motivation to get through until the holiday break…or to dress up any desktop. You can use any stickers and any pencils, however we found the thinner the sticker the better (for wrap-around purposes). You can go to town and sticker bomb the whole thing or make patterns, letting the wood from the pencil show through. Just be sure not to decorate all the way to the tip as sharpening becomes an issue.



blank pencils (any color will do but the ones without writing work best)

Pipsticks Sticker pack – or any small flat stickers you have around

craft sealer such as mod podge

paint brush




1. Wrap stickers around lower half of each pencil. Use stickers with a flat edge around the metal bit that holds the eraser, or cut the stickers so they lay flush against the metal edge. Press stickers down firmly, molding them to the shape of the pencil.

2. Paint on craft sealer to keep stickers flat.

3. Use an empty box to keep pencils upright as they dry. If the box is thick, poke holes for the pencils first (we managed to shove the points through a tissue box successfully).

4. Once the stickers are dry, you may want to apply another layer of sealer if some sticker edges are coming up.


5. Go find a pencil case worthy of your new stash! These ones made us laugh.

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