July 10, 2016

Puffy stickers to the rescue

Who loves puffy stickers?! WE LOVE PUFFY STICKERS!! In fact, we love puffy stickers so much, if you could see me right now, you’d see that I’m wearing a “puffy and proud” t-shirt (that I lovingly made with iron on letters recently – the other girls around here are totally jealous).

puffy stickers cats

The thing about puffy stickers is that they’re totally irresistible.  They’re like the stuffed animal of the sticker kingdom, and there’s always room for a little puffy sticker love.

puffy stickers googly eyed

While the cutest puffy stickers would likely be almost as cute if they were plain old paper stickers, the very nature of being puffy makes what would otherwise be ho-hum stickers SO MUCH BETTER. In fact, I can’t remember ever encountering a puffy sticker I didn’t want to touch (and bring home to my collection).

sea creature puffy stickers

Let’s dig a little deeper into this species…

KINGDOM: Sticker
CLASS: See below (but it doesn’t really matter because anything puffy gets a double thumbs up!)

Here are some of the puffy stickers in our sticker collection. Let me know which ones are your faves! I’ve collected these over years from all over the world and, since I took most out of the packs (to include in your Pipsticks pack – or to put in my album


animal puffy stickers

KINGDOM: Sticker > PHYLUM: Puffy > CLASS: Jungle Imagination
Those hanging cats, flamingo and caterpillar steal the show.

panda puffy stickers

KINGDOM: Sticker > PHYLUM: Puffy > CLASS: Panda
And if puffy isn’t enough, here are some cuddly pandas to up the cute factor.

jungle animal puffy stickers

KINGDOM: Sticker > PHYLUM: Puffy > CLASS: cute animals (vintage PaperChase)
I love these Paperchase puffies because they actually have definition within the puffy part of the sticker. I’ve never seen others like this – they’re so cool!

monster puffy stickers

KINGDOM: Sticker > PHYLUM: Puffy > CLASS: Crazy monsters (Paperhouse Productions)
The guy with four eyes is definitely my fave.

googly puffy stickers

KINGDOM: Sticker > PHYLUM: Puffy > CLASS: Googly eyed monsters
Puffy, shiny and GOOGLY? These are what we call a sticker tri-fecta! They won’t stop staring at me 🙂


KINGDOM: Sticker > PHYLUM: Puffy > CLASS: Hairy (Paperhouse Productions)
The texture on these puffy ‘staches is pretty awesome. All they need is some googly eyes.


KINGDOM: Sticker > PHYLUM: Puffy > CLASS: Penguins
These puffy stickers are mega-puffy (like lose your finger puffy). Like the pandas, there’s something about penguins that just goes with puffy. Maybe it’s the black and white?


KINGDOM: Sticker > PHYLUM: Puffy > CLASS: Pirates
These may not be cute and cuddly, (outside of the octopus that is), but they sure are fun.


KINGDOM: Sticker > PHYLUM: Puffy > CLASS: Dress up
Dress up puffies are the best kind of dress up stickers because they’re so easy to peel and re-position (for all those outfit changes!). The only limitation is surface height – let’s hope these ladies aren’t in a climate that requires layers!


KINGDOM: Sticker > PHYLUM: Puffy > CLASS: Robot
These were some of the first puffy stickers we sent out in our Kids Club sticker packs and I still LOVE them. So happy, so nerdy. I used them to make a love note for my geeky husband a couple years ago 🙂


KINGDOM: Sticker > PHYLUM: Puffy > CLASS: auto (Paperhouse Productions)
Paperhouse Productions has some super cool puffy stickers. Some are the same designs as their regular strip stickers, and I love that they’ve taken their photo realistic designs into another dimension!


KINGDOM: Sticker > PHYLUM: Puffy > CLASS: animals
These puffy stickers add just a touch of whimsy to any of your projects. The only problem is it’s tough not to use ALL of them because they look like such a tight little crew.


KINGDOM: Sticker > PHYLUM: Puffy > CLASS: Elephants
How cute is this pastel color scheme? And raindrops with faces? Yes please.


KINGDOM: Sticker > PHYLUM: Puffy > CLASS: Foxes (Paperhouse Productions)
Check out those puffy tails!


KINGDOM: Sticker > PHYLUM: Puffy > CLASS: Butterflies
Puffy stickers are usually fun and cute, but these instead are beautiful and breathtaking. The puffiness adds life to the butterflies, which are full of color and sparkle!


KINGDOM: Sticker > PHYLUM: Puffy > CLASS: Superhero
If these puffy stickers don’t pump you up (haha), I don’t know what will. Love the color schemes and old school lettering.

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Mo xoxo

7 thoughts on “Puffy stickers to the rescue”

  1. Cute animals, hairy, pirate, penguins for my friend who is not here anymore,cute zoo animals, foxes,dress up for my daughter and the superhero!!
    But really once I saw the very first cat ones up top I wasn’t even going to scroll the rest of the way down because that’s what I would’ve picked anyways,lol

    1. There are puffies in the Kids packs every month. We’ll be adding them to our VIP subscriber store soon, and once our Planner subscription goes live, we’ll add them to the Pro pack too. The problem is that many Pro subscribers use the stickers in their planners and don’t want the puffy ones… Stay tuned 🙂

  2. I can’t wait until the puffy stickers are available outside of Kids packs! They are an excellent addition to birthday cards and fun way to decorate gifts. Also, how can you not love something with googly eyes 😀

  3. Dude, puffy stickers are adorable, but why oh why do they not stay stuck down?! They’re the only stickers that have ever given me a problem!! 😭

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