January 20, 2016

2016 stamps: good enough to eat.

These stamps are good enough to eat.

We’ve been stamp lovers LONG before they joined the sticker world. Now, we can fully appreciate these little works of art without having to stomach the residual taste of glue.

We’re giddy over the lineup for 2016 US stamps, and can’t wait to grace your Pipsticks packs with the latest and greatest as they’re released. Sneak peeks below. Which are your faves?

Star Trek Stamps

Star trek in the hizzouse.

Geeks unite – these are amazing.

Planet Stamps

These babies are out of this world.

Black stamps look SOOO good on most envelopes!

Rolling old school.

For those of us who had crushes on the guy that drove a classic ride.

Just too cute!!

We can’t even! We want them all (except the mouse and snake).

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