March 2, 2019

Start Your Own Sticker Club!

As a kid, I managed a FEW different sticker clubs. One at school, one in the neighborhood, one on the bus. Each one had their own characters, their own vibe, and their own potential for a serious sticker score.

It’s with the spirit of these sticker clubs that we started our Facebook Sticker + Stationery Swap. It’s blossomed into an amazing, fun space, where people can geek out over stickers and support each other’s crazy obsession with this joyful past time. If you haven’t already joined, do it now!

And, I’d also encourage you to start your own sticker club! Whether it’s local, online, or across the world, there’s just something amazing about handing off stickers to someone who wants them (or scoring some that make your heart beat a little faster).

I’ve put together a FREE printable kit that includes everything you’ll need:

  • membership cards
  • instructions on how to begin and manage club meetings
  • sticker club manifesto

DOWNLOAD the kit here, and go spread the sticker love.

Mo xoxo

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