November 16, 2014

Sticker crowns

We had a weekend full of birthdays and decided we’d dodge the traditional cone hat for something a bit more exciting. These little numbers add instant style to any head they crown – big or small – and are so easy to make, you’ll be finding excuses to celebrate every day of the week.



toilet paper or paper towel roll




sticker pack

washi tape

elastic or bakers twine

pen or something to poke a hole



1. If you’re using a paper towel roll, cut it into three equal pieces.

2. Paint the roll a nice bright color. Let the paint dry 30-60 minutes.

3. Use your stickers to decorate the roll. We used washi tape to make a design on some and then used stickers and jewels to complete the royal pattern.

4. Cut triangles out of the top of the roll to make the crown’s points. You can use the first cut triangle as a guide so they are consistent. If kids are practicing scissor skills, draw the zig-zag pattern for them to follow.

5. Use a pen to carefully poke a hole on each side of the roll, about 3/4″ from the bottom edge.

6. Cut a 20″ piece of elastic, or two 18″ pieces of bakers twine.

7. Thread the ends of the elastic / twine through the holes and secure with a triple knot on the inside of the roll (make sure the knot is big enough so it doesn’t pull back through the hole).

8. Go adorn a head….BIG.

…or small 🙂

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