April 21, 2015

Sticker Resist Vase


Flowers are a luxury we indulge in whenever we can at the Pipsticks Studio. They instantly make us happy and keep the mood fresh and bright during long packing, crafting or design sessions. Here is an easy tutorial on how to customize your own vase using whatever stickers you have lying around. This is a great project to use up stickers that have been lying around, NOT your favorites, as they will be discarded at the end of the project. It’s also a great time to use letter stickers to spell out a name or phrase: keep it short and fun…




Smooth glass or metal vase

Spray paint



1. Wash and dry your vase.


2. Stick stickers on the vase to make a design. Remember, you are going to paint over these, so color/ finish shouldn’t be taken into account when creating your layout.


3. Use the spray paint (as directed) to cover the vase completely. Let dry completely and then add another coat of paint.


4. When the paint is completely dry, carefully remove the stickers.

5. Treat yourself to the season’s cutest blooms!

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