February 8, 2016

Sticker Valentine Cracker

Sticker crackers popped!

Are you a heartbreaker? Get your sticker on and make your valentine crack up with this sweet Valentine’s Day DIY! We made these ones from scratch (similar to our Holiday Sticker Crackers), but you can also cheat and buy them pre-made (we love these), then decorate them with our printable valentine wrap and stickers to make a super fun and totally sweet surprise.

Valentine stickers

Our Pipsticks Valentine pack was EPIC and will be perfect for this! If you’re not a Pipsticks subscriber, fear not – any heart stickers will do 🙂

Materials for your valentine sticker cracker

What you’ll need:
8.5 x 11″ paper (wrapping paper or thinner sheets work best)
Valentine’s Cracker Wrapper – printed and cut as shown
Toilet paper rolls x 2 (one cut in thirds)
Stickers! (to put inside and decorate with)
Cracker snaps
Tape or glue
Jokes – these ones are ready to print and cut!
Paper Crowns


What to do:
1. Tape or glue cracker snap in various places along the length of the paper.
2. Tape or glue the toilet paper roll in the middle of the paper.
3. Roll the paper around the tube.
4. Gently pinch the end of the paper at the edge of the roll.


5. Tie one end with ribbon.
6. Insert the piece of cardboard roll in the end and secure with tape or glue.
7. Stuff the other side with stickers, crown, and jokes.
8. Tie the other end with ribbon (and curl if it’s curling ribbon!).


9. Write the names of your besties on the Valentine’s wraps, and wind them around each cracker, securing at the back with tape.
10. Woo your valentine into a heart felt tug-o-war and shower him or her with stickers! Cuz really, what better way to say “I love you!”


Sticker cracker

Rock your own V-Day this year with a Pipsticks subscription and feel the sticker love each and every month. Join the sticker club here!

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