March 14, 2016

Stickers on top

Were you invited?


Don’t wait for an invitation to the party – use this awesome cupcake topper DIY as an excuse to celebrate. Whether it’s a party for one (that’s you), or there are lots of others coming to rock the house, these sticker toppers are super easy to whip together and act as the perfect cherry on top of whatever cupcakes are around.

Admittedly, my cupcake game has gone downhill since I started Pipsticks (scratch has been replaced with Betty Crocker in my baking vocabulary). Whatever energy I used to spend on cracking eggs and sifting flour is now put spreading the sticker love and sticker bombing coffee cups.


But, like many other domestic accomplishments that have fallen by the wayside, replacing time for stickers results in an end product that I consider totally net positive. This one is case in point: what I lack in home baking I make up for with sticker flair.

These cupcake toppers are a great way to use up old stickers and you probably have the other supplies on hand as well.


What you’ll need:
Paper (we used this adorable honeycomb pattern, but you can use anything!)
Washi tape
Stickers (letters are fun!)
Toothpicks or skewers


What to do:

1. We have thought long and hard about the PERFECT flag dimensions and come up with the findings above. If you want to be exact, measure like we’ve done. If not, fold over a piece of paper and cut the flag end opposite the seam of the fold to make a symmetrical, double sided flag.

2. Cut banner out of paper.

3. Fold banner in center.


4.  Glue together sides of banner, leaving a tiny space along the fold line to put the toothpick. You can use double sided tape for this as well.

5.  Put toothpick in the fold of the banner.


6.  Decorate! Sparkly washi tape seemed entirely party appropriate, but this part is fail safe – go crazy.


7. YAY! Continue to decorate with stickers, pens, tape and voila!


You have a cute cupcake topper that is totally personalized to each mini cake. Confetti toss!

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