November 20, 2016

Thanksgiving week

It’s Thanksgiving week! Are you on our happEmail list?! If not, sign up NOW, because here’s what’s coming in the next few days…

I’m totally anti-SPAM, but I do most of my holiday shopping online this week. I’m guessing you might also. So, we’ll have great deals this week!

In order to pay tribute to this week of Thanksgiving, I’m going to introduce you to the awesome team of women that make Pipsticks what it is: my dream job.

Check out our blog, for the inside scoop.

I’ll ask each person a few insider questions, and you’ll get a behind the scenes view of what a day at the Pipsticks HQ looks like. I hope you’ll also get a sense of why I’m so grateful to have each and every one of them here.


I’ll wrap things up by answering 10 questions you have for me next week. Let me know what you’re curious about or post your questions below!

Mo xoxo

p.s. Sneak Peek into our birthday party this year.
p.p.s. UPDATE: meet the team KatieJackie, Krista, Victoria, Sarah, and Jenna.

2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving week”

  1. Hi Mo! What is your absolute favorite sticker type? Puffy? Sparkly? Scratch-and-Sniff?! My favorite right now are the holographic ones, they look so neat and retro.

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