February 1, 2021

FREE Valentines Printable: Sticker Matchbooks!

You know what’s better than free Valentines printables and using stickers ON your valentines?! Using this Free Valentines Printable to put stickers IN your valentines!

Those of you in our sticker club have heard again and again how much we LOVE Valentine’s Day around Pipsticks! It’s the perfect excuse to load up on new stickers and supplies, and spend countless hours making a mess and thinking about the people we love.

After years and YEARS of valentine making, I still come back to our favorite printable matchbook Valentine’s Card when it comes to February 14th! Between the four kids we make over 100 valentines for their classes every year, and this free valentines printable can be churned out assembly line style 🙂 It’s cheap, easy, and the perfect vessel for some dreamy little sticker surprises. No envelopes, just a stapler, scissors, and your favorite Pipstickers!

It’s also sugar free (for those of you that aren’t into chocolate and conversation hearts), and totally customizable making it the perfect answer to classroom valentines!

FREE Valentine’s Printable

Free Valentine's Printable

Download the FREE Valentine’s Printable!

We’ve included a color and black and white version so you can print it on any printer. Use white or colored card stock to mix things up.

Valentine’s Printable
Pipstickers (favorites listed below)
Paper cutter/ scissors
Double sided tape


  1. Print out the Free Valentines Printable.
  2. Trim along the edges of each card.
  3. Fold the bottom up along the dotted line.
  4. Staple the bottom crease (try to staple over the black guide lines).
  5. Tuck the top of the card into the bottom crease and fold it so that the top tucks inside the bottom lip.
  6. Put double sided tape or a little tape roll on the back of a sticker sheet and secure it inside.
  7. Write a little note on the back.
  8. Voila! You’ve got the easiest, cutest Valentines around.

The best stickers for this project are about 2×3.5.” Cut your favorite 4×4″ and 2×8″ Pipsticker designs in half for these (so you get two valentines out of each sheet), or use a fun vinyl sticker inside each valentine. Here are links to our favorite Pipstickers for this project…



You know what else makes an amazing Valentine?! A Pipsticks Sticker Club subscription 🙂 Use the code STUCKONYOU for 25% the first month of any new sticker subscription through February 15th!

Sending you allllllll the sticker love,

Mo xoxo

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