May 12, 2015

You Rock Incentive Charts

Sticker incentives
You rock, Maeve!

Oh, the reward of a sticker! Far from something you would cringe to have hanging on your fridge, our sticker reward charts are simple, pretty, and versatile. With kids, they’ll give you beautiful leverage (no kid can resist the chance to get free stickers!).

These charts can be customized and used for anything from potty training to getting back to the gym (hopefully not for the same person). You can use them in standard print sizes, as a mini half sheet or print them a few to create a sticker reward book. Decide whether you want to use them daily or without a time frame at all… because rewards should be stress free and FUN.

And c’mon, there’s nothing more fun than stickers!

Weekly sticker chart
Daily sticker chart
Numbered sticker chart
Half page sticker chart

7 thoughts on “You Rock Incentive Charts”

  1. I know this is tagged “Kids,” but I am so using this for me and my boyfriend. 50 gym visits/stickers, then we buy ourselves something nice?

    Thank you for posting these!

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