July 1, 2017


This month’s giveaway is inspired by my travel bug! The fam and I are making a point to take a few little road trips over the summer to get us out of the house and keep things interesting! So, I figured I’d share my bug with you (that’s not weird, right?) and maybe inspire a little travel amongst you and yours.


Our Pro Club Subscribers will be entered to win this gorgeous Kate Spade Backpack.  I might have to buy one for myself, when I’m getting one for you! I just can’t stop staring at it *heart eyes*!


Our Kids Club subscribers will get this super fun Travel Stencil Kit! This will keep the kiddos entertained on those fun summer roadtrips!

The kids get two chances to win this awesome prize if they enter our coloring contest! Save the raffle ticket that comes in their sticker pack, and make sure to snap a pic of their masterpiece and email it in to [email protected]!

Winners will be announced in June’s sticker pack newsletter!

** The best part of our raffle is you don’t have to do A THING to enter. It’s just a perk for being a subscriber and an awesome part of our club! **

If you haven’t joined our sticker club yet, join now! Not only are you missing out on the amazing stickers, but you’re missing these sweet VIP perks 🙂

Mo xoxo

4 thoughts on “2017 JULY VIP RAFFLE GIVEAWAYS”

  1. This site is wonderful!! I am brand new to the site, I have a grandson (1yr), 3 daughters (22, 21 & 15yrs), nephew (8yrs)… can’t wait to see what all you have!!

  2. My daughter got her second month and is in love! But where do we see the winning ticket #? She has been saving hers and I can’t find it here 🙂 Thanks for brightening her day!

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