February 1, 2019


I hope your year is off to a good start; I can’t believe how fast January flew by! If you need a little pick-me-up from the post holiday blues, check out this month’s awesome giveaways below!


As I’m gearing up for some traveling to events in the next couple of months, I’ve been searching for the perfect luggage, and I think I’ve found it! The Pro Club VIP Raffle winner will receive this Oh Joy! + CALPAK carry-on suitcase! It’s pretty much the cutest suitcase I’ve ever seen!


I’m always on the lookout for fun and creative activities for my kids, and Kid Made Modern has some of the best kits! One lucky Kids Club winner will receive this Wooden Robot Kit!

The kids get two chances to win this awesome prize if they enter our coloring contest! Save the raffle ticket that comes in their sticker pack, and make sure to snap a pic of their masterpiece and email it in to [email protected]!

Winners will be announced in the Zine you receive in your March Sticker Subscription – Pippy for Pro or Little Pippy for Kids! Check the “This Month’s Raffle” page for details!

** The best part of our raffle is you don’t have to do A THING to enter. It’s just a perk for being a subscriber and an awesome part of our club! **

If you haven’t joined our sticker club yet, join now! Not only are you missing out on the amazing stickers, but you’re missing these sweet VIP perks!

Mo xoxo

7 thoughts on “2019 FEBRUARY VIP RAFFLE & GIVEAWAY”

  1. Hi, i love your shop and everything i live really close to the store, i just recently got a gift card from there and tried to redeem it in the online shop but it didnt work,what and how can i fix this.I made sure everything was the same no typo no spaces,then i added spaces but nothing worked,i just need help and that’s it.I hope this isn’t to long i love your shop i have no hate towards it i just need help with this, Thank you.😊

    1. Hiya Hailey!

      The gift cards that are purchased in our brick and mortar store can only be redeemed in-store.

      If you’d like to exchange it for a gift card for the online shop, please email [email protected] and we might be able to figure something out!

      1. Ok thanks a lot Mo this was very helpful for me I will just keep mine for in-shop purchases.☺️You business I just have to say is soooo amazing and I love everything about it please keep up the good work maybe if your business gets better consider getting one built in Fresno CA😉

  2. Hi, I was wondering how do I enter the raffle? And this is my 4th month? of receiving sticker packages, and am just finding out about the raffles..

    1. Hiya Nicole!

      Since you’re a subscriber, you’re automatically entered in the raffle each month! For example, you received a ticket in your January pack. Hold onto this ticket until you receive your February pack, and check to see if your January ticket matches the winning number in February’s Pippy/Little Pippy!

      If your ticket matches the winning number, send us a photo of the ticket at [email protected] to claim your prize!

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