September 3, 2016

KEDS (are way better with stickers)

We’re celebrating our second birthday this month!! So, I needed a party worthy DIY, and wanted to use stickers from our September sticker club packs to commemorate it. Something awesome but not too tricky. Something stickertastic (yes, just made that up), yet cool. And then it came to me…KEDS!!

They’re timeless. They’re affordable. They’re totally vanilla…until they’re not.

White KEDS

What was it about Keds that made them so integral to my childhood? I have no idea how long I actually wore Keds, but in my mind opening a new box of white Keds was on the same spectrum of adding stickers to my collection, getting a new Trapper Keeper, and opening a new box of Crayola crayons (64 count, with the sharpener in the box).

Though I have blossomed into more of a Converse girl in my old age, in my mind, Keds represent the virgin shoe of my 80’s childhood. The pure white potential of Keds is so inspiring, so liberating.

Growing up, I doodled on my Keds, I puffy painted my Keds, I tie-dyed my Keds, I mix and matched all sorts of funky shoe laces. They grew with me, and were totally representative of the creative stage I was in at each moment.

I’m also pretty sure there was a solid period of time (when I was most experimental) that my mom switched to a knock off brand (gasp!). I did my best to try to distract people from the missing blue tag on the back.  Overall, I didn’t care though: they were a blank canvas (literally!), and my first chance to show the world how I saw fashion – which, let’s be honest was pretty much an exact mirror of how Candace Cameron saw fashion, ha!

KEDS box

Looking back, I can’t believe that I never stickerbombed my Keds. Stickers were my life and I can only guess that I cherished each one too much to risk it getting scuffed or torn. And, I’m pretty sure Mod Podge didn’t exist back then…

I’ve changed my tune these days (I guess it’s taken being surrounded by MILLIONS of stickers to make me more liberal with using them). Stickers and Keds are a match made in the 80’s and should have been married in my closet of hyper color t-shirts and stirrup pants long ago.

But no matter, at 36, I’m THRILLED to be wearing stickerbombed Keds. They’re the perfect accessory to jeans and a t-shirt or a solid colored jumpsuit.  It’s pretty much impossible to be grumpy if you’re wearing them. And, they’ve won me a firm hold on “coolest mom” award since I’ve worn them to volunteer in my daughter’s kindergarten class.

Make your own stickerbomb Keds

This DIY is super fun and super easy. Awesome results guaranteed!

stickerbomb keds materials

Clean Keds
Fabric Mod Podge
Paint brush
Stickers (I used our September birthday packs!)
Puffy paint (optional)
Jewels (optional)

Mod podge KEDS

1. Paint the surface of your KEDS with Fabric Mod Podge. I just stickerbombed the toe section of my KEDS, but you don’t have to stop there.

2. Start sticker bombing with bigger stickers – colorful ones that you’re not too emotionally attached to (because they’ll inevitable get covered up a bit).

Stickerbomb stickers

3. Apply a bit of Mod Podge over each sticker when you put it on.

4. Use scissors to cut a straight edge on some stickers and align them with the top edge of the shoe’s sole.

sealed KEDS

4. Apply stickers all over the shoe, using your fingers to smooth out the Mod Podge over and under each sticker that you apply.

5. Once the surface is covered, put your favorite stickers on top. It’s also a good time to add smaller stickers – stars, flowers, etc! I found that PVC stickers are thinner and look great on the top.

Bedazzle stickerbomb

6. Why stop with stickers?! Go big or go home. I pulled out the puffy paint and dotted it around the edge of the toe seam. Then, pressed jewels into each dot. BAM!

puffy paint dots

7. Use a different color puffy paint to dot between the jewels (this will make it look a lot cleaner).

8. I also ended it with a line of black around the seam. Nice. And. Clean.

9. Now wait….and wait…and DON’T try them on yet. You’re going to be SO excited when you see how gorgeous your new stickerbom shoes are – but RESIST THE URGE TO TRY THEM ON!! Let them dry. Overnight.

Stickerbomb keds

All in all this an affordable project and will make you so happy as you dance around town in your stickerbomb shoes! They are definitely PARTY READY!!

If you need to update your sticker stash, be sure to join our sticker club now! If you join by September 14, you’ll get a MEGA pack (stuffed with extra stickers to celebrate our bday)!

Here’s how easy they were to do:

Mo xoxo

p.s. Stickerbomb Hangers, Stickerbomb Greeting Cards

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  1. Oh my gosh! I must make myself a pair! I’ll wait until I receive the Mega Birthday Happy Mail and see what options I have to decorate! <3

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