June 24, 2015

Keep it Together! Sticker Clips


We love anything that makes us feel put together. You know, like the kind of person that has a tissue when you need one (pulled, perfectly folded, from a cool little pack), or knows where her phone is when she hears it ring. These clips are super fun, easy as pie and will help remind you that you totally HAVE IT TOGETHER when you feel like things are falling apart.


paper clipsstapler
stamps & washi (optional)



1. Cut paper into strips at least a 1/2″ (3/4 cm) shorter than the paper clip.

2. Decorate the strip, leaving at least 1″ free at the top to wrap around the clip.

3. Fold the end of the strip around the long side of the paper clip. Before you do this, figure out how you want to use the clip (from the top of the page, left side, right side) and adjust so that the artwork is showing in the right direction.


4. Align stapler to staple just next to the paper clip. Center first staple. Add additional staples on either side, right next to the first if the paper is wide enough.

5. Celebrate your awesome creativity by clipping everything that moves. Get organized, keep track, and stay pretty.




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