October 10, 2016

Love stories: Susan

Susan's love story

“In 1976, I earned wonderful stickers in my practice book from my speech teacher. I can still remember marveling over the vivid colors and intricate details of bicentennial-themed stickers of the American flag, the Liberty Bell, and even the founding fathers.

As I went on to middle school, I encountered more, different, wonderful types of stickers as scented stickers and – gasp – puffy stickers hit the market. As an adult, stickers moved more to the periphery, but were always there through projects with my daughter and even now my mother affixes elegant ones to the envelope of each greeting card she sends.

However, my love of stickers has truly been reignited with my granddaughter turning 4-years-old. I see the same wonder and delight on her face as she studies intricate, delicate, or cartoony designs as I felt all those years ago with my first stickers. Stickers are timeless and cross all generations. Whether they are silly, serious, or sublime, they are tiny works of art that elevate everyday tasks and create connections.

SusanĀ (Kids Club member)
Framingham, MA

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