March 15, 2017

My Sticker Face + Pipsticks Giveaway!

Back in September, we worked with our friends at My Sticker Face and included their super cute pug stickers from them in our September Pro pack.  This month, we’re working with April and Mark, the owners of this ingenious small biz on a super rad giveaway! It’s fun, custom, and will make you want to plaster everything around you with someone’s cute face.

Haven’t heard of My Sticker Face? They make custom die-cut stickers out of…your face (go figure), or your pet’s face, your kid’s face, your bestie’s face, your true love’s face…you get the picture.

My Sticker Face stickers are super original and make me smile every time I see them! They make a great gift, and can be used for so many fun things from greeting card sign offs to laptop decoration. I also use them in my planner to track appointments for Team Vazquez 🙂

My Sticker Face + Pipsticks GIVEAWAY:

Since My Sticker Face is all about custom, and we’re all about sticker love, we came up with a giveaway that brings it all together…

Here’s what the winner will get…


my sticker face giveaway

My Sticker Face Stickers: My Sticker Face is giving away a fun pack of customizable stickers (Sampler Sheet, 1.75″ Sticker Sheet, 0.5″ Sticker Sheet, Sticker Booklet, and two 1.75″ Multi-Sheets)! You can send in a picture of yourself, your BFF, your pets, your grandma, your kids, your crush – the possibilities go on and on.

Pipsticks Digital Gift Card: Get a $25 Pipsticks gift card to be used toward any regular subscription, gift subscription, or our Sticker Shop!

Custom Pink Dad Hat: I’m surrounded by a lot of cool ladies in the Pipsticks Studio and they’re all telling me that “Dad Hats” are in. Summer is right around the corner and this custom dad hat is the stylish solution to bedhead, sun burns, or puppy love. You’ll get to choose what you want the hat to say (sticker bombed bill is optional).

my sticker face hat

Custom Pink Tote Bag: This pink tote is SO SO cute! It’s big enough for my planner, laptop (notice the Pipsticks and My Sticker Face stickers!!), and wayward mom stuff that I carry around on the daily (half eaten apple sauce squeezee, used tissues, random socks). Customize it, and then fill it up with your favorite stuff!

my sticker face computer

Custom Pink Pencil Pouch: This cute pencil pouch is just the right size to hold all the pens, pencils, and washi you need to be creative-ready! Customize it with your name so everyone knows it’s yours.

my sticker face pencil pouch

Custom Glass Heart Coffee Mug: I’m kind of obsessed with glass mugs lately, and this one is customizable with your initials (Ex: M + A). They’re also perfect for sticker bombing with your favorite My Sticker Face subjects!

my sticker face mug


Pipsticks + My Sticker Face Giveaway

Don’t have social media? Not a problem, just enter your email for both Pipsticks and My Sticker Face and that will get you two chances to win!

Contest ends at 11:30pm PST on Wednesday, March 22nd.

Winner will be announced Thursday, March 23rd, and will be contacted via email or social media. Contest Terms & Conditions

45 thoughts on “My Sticker Face + Pipsticks Giveaway!”

  1. I have always been (and always will be) obsessed with stickers and am so happy that you offer this mail order service so I can have fun, unique stickers delivered to my front door. It isn’t easy to find stickers in shops anymore, so thank you for keeping this cheery hobby alive.

  2. pipsticks is Amazing..I use them for my scrapbook and planner Having stickers is on of my complete highlight of my life LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE STICKERS

  3. I love using stickers in my journals, it tells a story with out using words. The stickers I use from PIPSTICKS help me use stickers to tell my story.

  4. This would be a fantastic win as March 16th is my birthday, and March 17th is my 27th wedding anniversary!

  5. I’ve always wanted to sign up for an subscription,I’ve always heard about it through friends and you tubers!But,unfortunately I haven’t had the chance to,i guess “test and try them out”,So this would be an awesome opportunity!

  6. I love stickers and I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who covers there computer with them.I love using my stickers on letters to my granddaughters, they love them as much as I do.

  7. I honestly really never got a chance to be a sticker fan..Although I’ve always wanted to!So..with that being said it would a Blessing and THE BEST to earn this!

  8. This is so cool ! This is the first website I’ve signed up to online for stickers and crafts and what not ! Where I live I never got such amazing stickers . Now I’m in another country studying as an international student so when I miss home , family and friends I just make them cards and letters with your amazing stickers and that process itself cheers me up ! Thanks for having such an amazing website 💗

  9. lol plastering everything with fun stickers of my beau’s and pets faces would be loads of fun!!! This is such a fun package!

  10. I wanted to make some of these of each family member for stocking stuffers last year but I discovered them too late to order in time for Christmas. I think I should just do it asap and if they get used before then great. If not….stocking stuffers!!!

  11. I’m loving using stickers to journal but most important to me letters. I’m trying to encourage friends and family to get back into letter writing. To sweeten the deal I send them stickers to decorate the envelopes with.

  12. I love these so much!! I’m just dying to make stickers of all the rescue cats I photograph. And what an awesome giveaway!! Thanks Pipsticks peeps ❤❤❤

  13. Hi!
    What an awesome giveaway! I entered. 🙂
    But when I try to share the (sticker love) link on Twitter, it doensn’t lead to the blog post. It says ‘page not found’. I’m afraid it doesn’t work then..?

  14. Watch out My Sticker Face! I’m so ordering stickers of my three-year-old son and 5-year-old rescue Beagle. But seriously though, Pipsticks, you are awesome! What a fun giveaway! I have learned about so much rad stuff from your site. Thank you!

  15. I am a sticker fanatic! I use them daily and on everything! Being a teacher enables me to use them in the classroom and the kids LOVE them as much as I do!!

  16. Who doesn’t love stickers? Your options are endless no matter what your age. I would love this prize. Thank u pipsticks.

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