April 16, 2020

Pipsticks + Once More With Love 2020 Collab

I think we can say it’s officially an annual event, as we kick off our THIRD collaboration with Margaret Ying from Once More With Love! Marg and I met years ago at Planner Con in San Francisco, and immediately hit it off, leading to our first collaboration.

For those that don’t know her, Margaret is the brilliant illustrator and business woman behind @oncemorewithlove, known for her cuter than cute (and a little bit cheeky) munchkin illustrations. Her kawaii style is irresistible and she’s so fun to work with.

Once More With Love Stickers

Once More With Love + Pipsticks Collab

This month’s collaboration was inspired by the theme of magical storybooks. For our May Pro Club sticker pack, we finished her gorgeous illustrations with an iridescent finish that makes them EVEN DREAMIER! That munchkin in a knight’s helmet is too much, and we want 1,000 of those dragons and unicorns 🙂

Pipsticks + Once More With Love GIVEAWAY

To kick off the collab, we’re doing a huge giveaway with loads of fun products from Margaret + a Pipsticks gift card – worth over $200!

The giveaway will run through April 30, so be sure to max out your entries and tell all your friends!!

Here’s what you’ll win:

Pipsticks + Once More With Love Giveaway

Don’t have social media? It’s cool, just enter your email above and you’ll be entered to win. Also, EVERYONE in our PRO Sticker Club will also receive an entry, so if you’re not already a subscriber, go sign up!

Contest ends at 11:59 PM PST on Thursday, April 31.

The winner will be announced Tuesday, May 5, and will be contacted via email or social media. Contest Terms & Conditions

Read our Q+A with Margaret below and be sure to sign up for the Pro Sticker Club to get these AMAZING stickers in your May sticker pack!

Let’s chat with Margaret Ying from Once More With Love…

Where are you from – where do you live now?
Vancouver, Canada! Originally born in Taiwan and moved here at a very young age.

Do you have a nickname?
You can call me Marg.

What do you do?
I draw in PJs. All. The. Time.

How many hours a day do you spend on creativity?
Probably every waking minute. I’m constantly daydreaming and trying to come up with ideas that inspire me. Even if I’m not drawing, my mind is somewhere thinking of things I could draw.

How long have you been in the creative industry?
Officially 7 years beginning with working in the visual effects industry

Do you have siblings?
2! Younger twin sisters named Mona and Lisa.

What did you want to be when you grew up as a child?
A tiger! I loved swimming and found out that tigers were good swimmers so always dreamed that one day if I could swim well enough, I’d become a tiger!

Do you have a favorite pen?
Sakura Micron PN in black because it’s archival and I can use watercolours on it!

What do you love?
Mushrooms, all kinds of soup, sleeping but not going to sleep, cute stationery, and PJs!

When did you fall in love with stickers?
As long as I can remember! My mom was a flight attendant and always bought stickers for me from Japan. I had a HUGE collection of Lisa Frank and Sandylion stickers that I kept in my many sticker books!

What don’t you like?
Worms and waking up early.

What’s something that you’re secretly good at?
Sitting in awkward positions, and blinking my eyes separately.

What’s the thing you’re most proud of making?
My online website! I’m not a techy person by far so it was a huge feat setting it up all by myself! I dragged my feet for 2 years about it and one day finally just decided to do it. I’m so glad I did, but it sure was a huge mental hurdle to get around to it!

What’s an exciting idea you’ve had recently?
Making more interactive products such as coloring books or craft kits based on my art that people can use to express their creativity!

What’s your favorite color combo right now?
Pink and gold!

What’s in your perfect trailmix?
Rice crackers, seaweed, turkey jerky! I hate nuts haha

What’s your favorite movie?

What are you reading?
Finding Chika by Mitch Albom

What are three Insta accounts that inspire you?
mitchleeuwe, yeuujjn, choochoojoey

Any departing words of wisdom?
Do what makes you happy! Life is too short for ordinary!

Thanks Marg! We’re your biggest fans 🙂
Follow Marg here, and don’t miss out on her super fun stickers (subscribe by April 30!).
Mo xoxo

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    1. Same. I wasn’t able to enter the last one either even though I followed all the insta steps and attempted the links provided.

    2. I think you need to turn on cookies for the browser to keep track of it. So, if you’re blocking cookies, you need to turn them on. At least for this site.

  1. I love Once More With Love and of course Pipsticks!! I never win these giveaways but oh what a joy it would be if I did on this one!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  2. I Love all your products and as a child I lived in Japan for three years and collected this genere of products. Sadly everything was lost so now I’m slowly building back up on stickers note books note pads pens. I would LOVE to win this giveaway and hope I’m entering correctly.

  3. Omg this would be the best surprise pick me up during these crazy times! Working as a doctor in NY hospital right now, so all about the self-care/self-love/finding joy! Stickers help!! 😊♥️

  4. I wish you all the best luck and always remember you are all winners! ( Anyone who loves stickers is a winner! 🙂 )

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