July 7, 2016

FREE printable postcards

Pipsticks postcard

I was in the very early stages of motherhood with my third baby when (my other baby) Pipsticks was born. And, once I had the idea for a sticker club, it was all I could think about!

The combination of being up multiple times a night with a hungry baby and thinking about the perfect formula for a sticker club led to a couple 3am lightbulb moments… and the blank postcard was one of them.

I love postcards and thought that having a blank postcard to decorate in each sticker pack would be awesome. All that potential!

As a mom, I never had postage when I needed it (meaning that most outgoing mail in our house sat on the counter and never arrived at its final destination). Pre stamping the post cards in the Pipsticks sticker packs sealed the deal – I totally gave myself a mental high five for that one 🙂

Happily, most of you agree with me 🙂 So much so in fact, that I’ve had lots of request for MORE blank postcards. Well, here you go my friends! A free, printable postcard to make all of your penpal dreams come true!

Download the free printable here! And, if you haven’t already, sign up for our sticker club here 🙂

7 thoughts on “FREE printable postcards”

  1. You are my hero! My kids fight over who gets to decorate and send the postcard in my pack each month so we’ve been rotating. Now I can make tons of them so they can send as many as they want! WooHoo!!!

  2. Before reading the blog this month I filled out the subscription and mentioned how much I love the postcard. In our society these days the written note, letter and greeting are fast becoming extinct. I love using my blank postcards to decorate and mail to Postcrossing.com penpals. It would be fun if you or one of us through your website hosted a Pipsticks letter writing day and we all flood one special place with them…. a children’s hospital or a military base overseas. It’s just a thought.

  3. I love this, thank you for the free printable! I still write cards to my husband’s Aunt in New Mexico to thank her for the greeting cards she would send for our birthdays, our Anniversary, Christmas, you name it! <3

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