January 17, 2017

Pip Tip Tuesday & kikki.K Planner Giveaway

Happy Pip Tip Tuesday! Today we have another great tip for you planner newbies and a beautiful kikki.K planner to give away!

This tip may seem totally obvious, but for new #planneraddicts it’s something to consider right away. Among all the amazing planner goodies out there are about a BILLION pens; and while you will be tempted to buy the cutest ones (think rose gold plated with donut charms hanging off of them), there’s a serious art to scribbling in your planner and I believe the secret is…

… an EXTRA FINE tip pen.

No matter what your handwriting is like, it looks delicate and beautiful when it’s written with a fine tip pen. But what fine tip pen should you use? While everyone has their preference, these are my faves.

Rollerball Pens:

My fave: Pilot P-500 extra fine point – not so pretty, but so good!

The great: Easy to use, plus you get the goodness of liquid ink. Rollerballs use water-based gel or liquid ink, as opposed to the sticky oil-based ink in ballpoint pens, which keeps your handwriting looking neat and pretty. And, it dries immediately unless you’re using bad paper. 

The not-so-great: The cartridges run out kind of fast (though in all honesty I usually lose them first)

Felt Tip Pens:

My Fave: Staedtler Triplus Fineliner Pen

The great: Felt tips are very firm and smooth, and the ink dries quickly (which is extra handy for left-handed writers). And (not to get too nerdy and technical), the Triplus specifically has a slim triangular shape which is keeps my hand from aching (side note – can you believe I used to write 10 page papers by hand but now can barely manage a planner spread without taking a break?!). Annnd it comes with in lots of pretty colors 😀

The not-so-great: The spring-load action can take a bit of getting used to and might be frustrating in the beginning. Tips can wear out quickly, and can be damaged easily by dropping the pen or leaving the cap off. If your kids get a hold of them it’s game over.

Gel Ink

My Fave: Muji Gel Pens

The great: Richer ink color, lots of colors, and it doesn’t bleed through planner pages. They are fairly pretty, so won’t screw up your planner layout pics 🙂

The not-so-great: They can dry out (though again, not usually before I lose them!).

What are your favorite pens??

Today’s Giveaway: kikki.K planner

Simple, super classy, and easy to use, this kikki.K planner is one of my go-to’s for notes, project management, and fun! And now you could be carrying this cute personal polka dot planner around by the end of the month! 


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Contest ends at 12pm PST on Friday, January 20th.

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Good luck! I can’t wait to hear from you!

xo Mo

84 thoughts on “Pip Tip Tuesday & kikki.K Planner Giveaway”

  1. I’m a total bullet journal, planner addict. The pen I always have attached to my journal is the Sukura Micron 05. 0.45mm tip. It writes perfectly in smaller spaces. <3 <3 <3 And I love my pipsticks!

    1. I love to use Japanese style calligraphy pens that I get shipped to me from Japan. Just to add to that kawaii feel!

    2. Stabilo fine points are my favorite for bullet journaling. I have a set with a nice color variety which is perfect for coding different activities, love them!

  2. The pen that helps me write my nicest is the Sharpie Fine Tip pen in black. It’s the best!! It makes you want to write nicely.

  3. I’ve switched to a multi-color pen. Remember those from elementary school? I have one with ten different colors. The ink is not the best but it allows me to write color-coded notes in my planner while on the go

    1. Love that idea! I use the pilot pen Mo listed as her number 1, but it’s true they seem to dry up in a flash

  4. My favorite pens to use in my planner (and in everything else in my life) is the Muji gel ink pen with the 0.38 tip. It writes perfectly every time, and comes in so many colors. It’s my absolute favorite pen ever, and I’ve converted so many friends!

  5. Super cute! I usually use copic or micron to write but those Staedtler pastel ones are nice to write with. Frixions too…

  6. I use my planner as my journal to help me keep track of my two small girls, since journaling frequently is difficult. I love going back and filling blank spots with pictures from that week and framing them in stickers. I think a variety of pens helps add personal to the pages, but my PIt artist pen from Faber Castell is my favorite.

  7. I love keeping a planner on me, in my purse, so I can immediately write down new appointments and things to do. Then when I get home, I also write it on the calendar for everyone to know what’s coming up. It’s very helpful!

  8. I love my Pilot G’s I have a color of each person in the house and shared tasked and I keep track of them in a cute pencil pouch.

  9. Happy Planner Addict. I love writing down when certain things happened. It’s so nice to look back and see what happened

  10. I need a really smooth pen. Don’t have a specific brand as of yet. I think felt tip might be the way for me though.

  11. I’m a planner addict and my favorite writing instruments are Inkjoy pens in all of the colors to coordinate with my layouts!

  12. I’m new to journaling but love it so far. It started with a pink journal given to me for my birthday.

  13. I’m just getting into planners and pens and this would be perfect to win! I’ll have a place to put all my stickers. 🙂

  14. I’ve been using a pilot pen lately, it comes in a fine point and fun designs so that when I set it down or lend it out, I know it’s mine! As a final year vet student whose schedule changes every other week, a planner would really help me keep my life in order!!

  15. I LOVE Pilot pens! I’m a teacher, so I have Pilots in blue and black for answer keys, green and purple for grading, and baby blue and pink for accents (usually on answer keys, also, but specifically ones I post online for students to follow along — nice to draw forces, graphs, etc. with different colors). Then all these pens naturally get used for my planners, though usually I only keep a school one and then a big wall calendar for our household. I really ought to keep a personal one!

  16. Right now I am loving some pens I purchased on Etsy.

    There are a set of four black ink fine point pens from CaribouMilk that are called “kawaii bunny pens”. The caps are bunny heads and the rest if the pen is the bunny body. For fine point gel pens I have ” starry sky” from alicemolds. It is a set of six pens in (blue, green, orange, red, light blue and black).

    These get the job done and are super fun to use. I have atrocious handwriting and these fine point pens really keep my planner from looking messy.

  17. I have a Medium Kikki-K planner in Teal that I love very much. I find the pages are a bit thin tho, and recently started the hunt for better pens for using in it that won’t show through. I came to the same conclusions as you- fine tip is essential. I spent a lunch break at Officeworks trying out different pens and came back with 4 Staedtler triplus fineliners! They had them in gorgeous pastel colours and I couldn’t resist.

  18. I’m trying to get back into the planner world–my planner was my be all end all in high school and college, and now I’ve finally realized that it’s just as vital outside of academic life! Everyone’s tips have been super helpful, for me a great highlighter (and fun stickers go without saying) is just as important as a good pen! Thanks for the giveaway!

  19. I have to write everything down or I would lose my head walking out the door, so this would be fantastic to win! My favorite pens are currently bic smooth black. But I am a pen connoisseur! I love to try all kinds of brands and new designs, so I’ll be shipping your suggestions!

  20. I love my TUL Gel Needle Point Fine pen! It is the best I’ve found to use in my planner, and in general.

  21. I adore the Staedler fineliners, as well as Papermate 0.5 gel pens.
    Another essential? Those wax highlighters (I think meant for bibles). NO bleed-through, dry time, or smearing!

  22. I love my Staedtler pens! The assortment of colors is brilliant and they write SO smooth!… you just have to get used to how to hold them. They’re great for journaling and coloring, smaller sized areas of course. I color my mandala coloring book with them.

  23. I like the Staedler fineliners but I also like Uniball Vision Elite. I really like the Kikki K planners they’re beautiful. In the future I’m going to try using erasable highlighters 🙂

  24. Favourite pens? Where do I even start? I love Staedtler Fineliners, Stabilo pens, Pentel pens. . . I actually have an obsession with stationery, pens, paper, etc. There are not enough pens and planners in the world to satisfy me, hahaha! Would I like to win this planner to add to my collection? Yes, yes I would!!

  25. I love, love, love pens! I don’t really have a favorite brand, but I do like it when they don’t bleed through or smudge (I’m a natural southpaw who endured forced-handedness – yes, that still happens – so my handwriting tends to get smeared with the wrong pen). I love all kinds of colors, especially gel pens, & those fat pens with multiple colors. I always set aside especially pretty or special pens for journaling, letter writing and planners. I also like the idea others have had, of using their planners as a journal. I’ve never thought of that and I’m a journal junkie! 🙂

  26. I would love this cute planner with everything I have going on right now. Dr appointments and treatments plus work having everything all in the same place would be awesome right now

  27. The magenta Staedtler Triplus Fineliner Pen is my favorite. The other colors are great too but I love the magenta.

  28. iam always experimenting with different pens all the time but I particulary like to use gel pens and I think ink joy are among my top ones to use they write smoothly I try to avoid ball point pens now

  29. I am just starting with the different planners,however I do believe quality does come with what the price is, in our pens go. I love trying and comparing new ones. I always keep my tried and true Microns handy though, and my Pitt brush pens love those to:)

  30. I’ve never really used a planner except when I was in college and needed to know what my assignments were and when they were due. That being said, I can see the use of a planner in my crafting and art hobby! I could keep track of the art journal activities I signed up for and the classes I intend to finish this year! So as for a tip I really don’t have much to give except if you write it down it’d be worth reading later!

  31. I always find a corner of my weekly spread where I remind myself to slow down and practice gratitude. It’s a nice balance to the list of busy-ness that my planner is otherwise.

  32. My favorite pen of all time is the Pilot Precise Grip. They have a comfortable barrel and the ink never clumps or skips. I think they’ve been discontinued (they’re still available online but the last few sets I got were old and dried up), but an import version is available for the exact same price on Amazon.

  33. I use Copic Multiliner pens in varying thickness to give it a hand illustrated look. They feel good in my hand so my wrist doesn’t tire as easily as I use a lot of doodle and swirly illustrations in my planner! Plus they are
    not smeary, reasonably priced and I can get them to last throughout a month even with heavy usage. Such a cute giveaway, thank you for the opportunity!

  34. I love using different colored gel pens to keep even more organized (or at least to create the illusion I am). Different areas are different colors.

  35. For my Bullet Journal Planner, I love my Staedtler Triplus Fineliner Pens – I have a set of 12 and want to get a larger pack. They never go thru he pages. For my dotted All Holiday Planner, I use my Zig Memory System Writers – again a set of 12, so I can change up colors. It also has a .05 side and a broader 1.2 side. They are fun to use and don’t go thru the pages. I’d love to have this planner too use to keep track of the swaps I enter during the year. I really enjoy using colored pens to make my writing look pretty.

  36. So much yes to that tip!!! I said exactly this just a week ago “I can’t study, I can’t write in my planner, procrastinating, because I left my 0.38 pen at home. Sigh.”

    I use Pilot G-2 0.38s 🙂

  37. I love using colourful pens for writing in my planners (to make them extra colourful and fun, to make me feel extra organised or give off the illusion of organisation, and also to brighten my day each time I check my planner).
    I’m currently using “Stabilo point 88” in fine 0.4 .
    They are smooth to write with, super pretty, and as of yet haven’t gone through my pages which is always nice.

  38. I love this planner! The pen I love using as a planner pen is my Moleskine pen because its rectangular, it doesn’t roll off my pages. <3

  39. I actually pick up any smooth gliding pen locally and it works fine. I am yet to pick up speciality pens for the planners.

  40. I like the Inkjoy Quatra pens because I can use eight colors with only two pens. It’s much easier to carry around.

  41. My favorite pens are stabilo point 88 – 47 colors 😛 and stabilo boss original pastel – 6 beautyful shades *_*

  42. I love Papermate Inkjoy ball pens in the brights pack. They’re actually a fairly thick nib but they flow so smoothly and dry so cleanly that my letters look great! (Snailmail is still alive 🐌!)

  43. I love my staedtler triplus fine liners for writing in my bullet journal and my uniball gel pen in my planner.

  44. I’m a pencil person…a good mechanical pencil is all I use in my planners. I hate mistakes and I don’t trust myself with a pen 😉

  45. Lately, I’ve been using a Super Doodle gel pen set in my planners. I love it. The set was affordable, and it includes pastel, metallic, glitter, and regular bright-colored gel pens. Gel pens (especially the glittery kind) often dry up, but I haven’t had any problems with these.

  46. When writing in my bullet journal, I’m a fan of using my Sakura Micron 2, 1, and 0.5 pens. I also have a MUJI 0.35 pen that writes in a beautiful shade of mint green, and MUJI 0.5 pen in bright pink. I love how nice my spreads look, even when I’m not doing anything fancy.

  47. I have a lot going on in life so color coding my planner is a MUST! Plus let’s face it…. it’s just so fun to do it! I have tried all kinds of techniques – color coding with pens, highlighters, washi tape.. Ya all of those things are so great in theory, but when I’m running 5 minutes late to a community meeting and I come running in with Starbucks spilled on my shirt and hoist my 30 pound bag of planner supplies on the table next to me- they look at me kind of funny! So this year I have started color coding with stickers. I literally bought thousands of small heart stickers which go next to whatever appointment is written in my planner. The color represents certain things – my job duties, school, church, personal, financial. On my to-do list when an item is completed it gets a sticker that coordinates with the appropriate color of the task – they match my appointment side! It’s amazing! You can look back at yesterday or last week and just simply by a quick glance you can see what you spent your time doing! I love it! Plus dating all the way back to grade school – you get a sticker when you get something accomplished! ❤

  48. I am a pen addict, but my current favorite planner pens are the Paper Mate Ink Joy gel pens. I use different colors for different categories (classes, vacation, work, etc).

  49. I use colored pens to symbolize something different. All holidays are underlined in bright pink, my sons activities are always a shade of green, my middle daughter purple, youngest is red, my stuff is shades of blue and family stuff is orange or brown. This helps me so much when looking quickly and I need to know which child to grab real quick! lol

  50. Can’t get enough planners, and of course when it comes to pens! wowza it’s quite a craze. The richer the color, the better. I also love glitter pens, metallics too, to complement stickers for one, or a nice little cut out or photo I’ll put in my planner

  51. I usually use a travelers notebook in the b6 slim size and I just do dot grid paper so I can draw out and completely customize my planner and I totally recommend this method!!

  52. I use the muji gel pens as often as a can get them. When I don’t have them i use this really basic ballpoint pen. I accidently got 50 of them from some company who was trying to advertise. Otherwise I use what ever pen I happen to have. The boring no name ones often turn out to be the best.

  53. I tend to use my fine-tip Pilot Metropolitan in my planner; fountain pens are easier for me to write with, and it’s inexpensive enough that I can carry it with me and not worry about losing it. the only problem is that I have to get better quality refills – but then again, is that a problem?? lol

  54. G-day from Oz everyone! The MOST IMPORTANT “pen-choice-tip” for ALL planner addicts is: don’t have a favourite pen! Have all kinds of colours and textured pens be your favourite, and then go at it! BOOM: instant rainbow ace planner!

  55. A bright pink gel pen. It pops and makes sure you see whats coming up and i love reading the killer pink writing.

  56. I love Gelly Roll gel pens, but I also adore a really cheap set of metallic sparkly gel pens that I bought at Five Below for like $3!

  57. Bic mark it fine tip. I usually write on stickers so it wont bleed through paper. Looks beautiful and writes ever so smoothly.

  58. I absolutely love most pens….Hello…But I adore the gel pens and flare pens. I don’t know why I keep buying so many types when I tend to go back to my trusty gel/flare pens! I have various planners just not a Kikki k-please choose me.

  59. I’m using Paper Mate Flair felt tip pens in multi colors. I love them but I’m hoping the fountain pen I’ve ordered (a Preppy fine nib platinum) will work beautifully so I can transition to those in multi colors instead. Here’s hoping!

  60. Oh god, I’m a complete and total pen addict. Only considering my ART pens (pens that I draw with), I have like 90-ish. Then there’s my writing pens, and the pens that died long ago but are really pretty/well-designed, and THEN there’s the pens I decorated to make a duct tape flower bouquet. There’s probably…. Oh, I dunno. at least 200 pens scattered around in my room, studio, work locker, and yeah…

    Favorite writing pens:
    Bic Crystal assorted color pens for letter writing. Nice colors and they glide on really smooth, which works because I write in cursive. For the rare occasion I print, I like the thicker lines because they’re bubbly and cute. The Bic Atlantis pens are also nice- same colors, thinner tip.
    I also enjoy writing with these really cute kitty pens I got from the Wish app. Nice ink, and it works like a Micron but they were really cheap so I don’t feel bad about not using them for art. 😛

    Favorite drawing pens:
    Micron .005 (.25mm). So many fine lines and details and aaaaahhhh they’re so perfect. <3
    I also enjoy adding a pop of color to my pen and inks with the Stabilo fineliners. I believe they're a .4mm tip. Not as fine as I normally like when drawing, but they get the job done.

    Favorite WHITE pens:
    Uniball Signo and Gelly Rolls. They both write really well on colored paper and go over most markers and whatnot for highlights on your doodles/drawings. Uniball gives thicker lines, but also dries a bit slower than the Gelly Roll.

    I also enjoy the Faber Castell Big Brush White pen for doodling on my letters and other things I send out. A cheaper alternative is the Recollections white marker from Michaels, buuuut that one takes a lot of coats to be opaque and has a weird waxy finish to it.

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