January 24, 2017

Pip Tip Tuesday & Passion Planner Giveaway

Do you gravitate to a color scheme? Does it change between what you surround yourself with vs what you wear? I usually wear black and white with pops of color, like earthy colors at home, and brights at work…

Honestly, I can get pretty excited over a bazillion color combos (though red, bright yellow, dusty pink, and chartreuse are always at the top of my list). I often find myself obsessing over one color scheme in particular for a week or so before moving on to another. We just got a bunch of new plants in the Pipsticks Studio and they look AMAZING with the pink walls of our kitchen!! Now, I want to make everything pink and green 🙂

It’s no surprise that the color combinations that I use in my planner change throughout the year. This need for color variation also gives us #planneraddicts good cause to own a planner in every color of the rainbow!

This week’s tip…

bring organization to your color palette as well as your schedule when decorating your planner.

I keep an inspiration board by my desk and sometimes use something from there to inspire what color combo I want to use. Or, more often, I am obsessed with a couple new sheets of stickers, and base my color scheme off of them.

Whatever the inspo, I get washi, color block stickers, and stamps within the same scheme together before sitting down to plan the week. It feels much simpler and straightforward this way (instead of having my mountains of supplies at the ready), and I always end up with a spread that looks super put together and gorgeous.

This color site is amazing and I use it all the time for combos that are a bit more unusual.

Today’s Giveaway: Two Passion Planners!

These Passion Planners are your tiny little cheerleaders, whether you’re digging the solid black or that pretty blush pink, they’ve definitely got the color you need! And just think, you and your awesome friend could be the new owners of these beauties!

HOW DO YOU ENTER TO WIN THese Passion Planners?

Like our Instagram or Facebook #PipTipTuesday post (with a picture of this Passion Planners), tag another friend that has done something nice for you recently on the post, and tell us what color planner is on your wish list (any color)!

Don’t have social media? Not a problem, share in the comments below and I’ll make sure you’re entered to win!

Contest ends at 12pm PST on Friday, January 27th.

Winners will be announced Monday, January 30th and will be contacted via email or social media. Contest Terms & Conditions

Sneak Peak! Grand Planner Prize

You guys! We haven’t mentioned much about our planner grand prize, but I think it’s time to share! Here’s a little sneak peek… make sure to watch social media & the blog for all the details coming soon and keep participating! Each time you post, you get another chance at this beauty!

Good luck! I can’t wait to hear from you!

xo Mo

p.s. checkout my Passion Planner review

98 thoughts on “Pip Tip Tuesday & Passion Planner Giveaway”

  1. I love the beautiful black planner! My sister has been super nice to me lately bringing me coffee at work! What a sweeeeeeetheart!

  2. The pink one has definitely caught my attention. My best friend has been the best of the best of late due to some of the struggles I’m going thru

    1. A lovely black one because it looks professional or a lovely turquoise one as it reminds me of the ocean which is my favourite place to be!

  3. I love, love passion planner! Currently I am using the turquoise and last year used the black. So, the pink is totally on my list to add to my color collection! One of my besties, is who I’d give the black planner to. They have both been wonderful on checking on me through a rough spell.

  4. Oh my! I dream of owning a Passion Planner…I swoon over them on their website. Thank you for offering this awesome giveaway!

  5. My best friend and I started collecting stickers about 27 years ago…omg…haaaaaaaa. I’d be the girl with the pink and she’d be the standard black. Too much fun!!

  6. Thank you for the giveaway, I love the website you referred us to. I will now use it for color coordination as well. I definitely dig the pink one. I think the passion planner is a great idea and a lot easier for me to carry around everywhere I go then the current planner I use. I would still use my card planner but I can leave it at home and carry that one to record everything in and then transfer what I need to into my other one. I am super excited about the sneak peek giveaway, I can’t wait.

  7. I like the black planner a lot. It would be really fun to use with extra sparkly stickers.

    My husband has been super nice to me lately. I actually think he could probably use this planner more than I. I’m still in love with my bullet journal. 🙂

  8. I love passion planner. I would love one in any shade of purple or green. Those are my two favorite colors. This passion planner is something that I really needed in my life right now. It is in a scrambled mess and in need of structure and organization. I went to a Social Justice conference and one of my femtors (female mentor) had one and showed me hers. She showed me how she used the planner, I was like this is it!! It will be helping me keep up with my busy schedule and still have time to self care mentally and spiritually. So I am very grateful for her showing me hers. I plan on getting one to improve my life.

  9. I absolutely love the black, and it would go with everything, including my blue hair! But if a teal or dark blue existed, that would be pretty sweet too~

  10. I love the black! I always go for a black or gray planner that way I can accent with whatever color I’m feeling at the moment!

  11. I’m totally loving that blush pink! And also your idea of deciding on a colour scheme before getting out materials to start on, well, anything really! As for someone nice, it has to be my partner who just bought us a nice new family car that actually has air conditioning! Very nice on our 40c plus days lately!

  12. OMG these planners are awesome! I need both a black and pink Planner in my collection, I have 2 teal and a multicolor and blue. This would be amazing to have and to share one with my daughter!

  13. I would love, love, LOVE a RED planner!! In the spirit of Valentines Day coming up, or in the spirit of the color red I hope they come out with a specially designed red planner.

  14. I had JUST put a passion planner (or 2) in my cart debating on whether I could afford to buy them or not, and then I saved my cart and went to check my emails. Lo & behold, a passion planner giveaway!!! I’d love the Pink or the Mint/Aqua color (most likely pink though, for my mom in law😊)

  15. Since green is my favorite color, I like to choose that. If green isn’t available, I go for Orange. If that’s not available, I go for blue, white, or silver…since they’re R2-D2 colors and he’s my favorite character. 🙂

  16. Love the turquoise one! I do most of my planning via google calendar. Would love to have some inspiration to get back into using an actual planner.

  17. Black is always my favorite. My friend AL has been very supportive through some tough times lately . . . I’d share with her!

  18. Thanks for the giveaway! An old friend got in touch with me out of the blue today to let me know about a job posting she thought I’d be great for, how sweet is that? I would love to win a Passion Planner, blue or green are my faves!

  19. Oh my! My heart just skipped a beat…that grand prize is amazing!! I love everything to do with totes, stickers, journals, planners . . etc! My sister has been Extra nice this week, she brought me my favorite coffee when I was having a bad day. My favorite planner color would be teal or pink. What a cool Contest, my fingers are crossed!

  20. I ADORE the pink one! I spent my childhood as a tomboy, and now I’m trying to make up for it with all sorts of girly things! 🙂

  21. my friend is going through a lot so I would give her the pink planner as it is her favorite color. Black is always good and looks great with my favorite color which is turquoise. Love decorating my planner. So far, the sparkly silver clouds I received have been my favorite stickers. I used one and seem to be hoarding the rest of the sheet!!

  22. I love the design on the pink planner. It’s beautiful! My son has been super sweet lately. He’s four years old and when we told him he was going to have a little brother soon, we weren’t really sure he understood. But every night before bed, he gives a big kiss on my growing belly. It is too cute!

  23. The pink is so soothing! I also love the paradise blue on the website! Imagining myself organized and utilizing colorful stickers and pens for fun:)

  24. I usually get whatever color is available to me. Although I must say I try to avoid red and yellow. I love grays and blues. I alaways want to get a white planner but I’m pretty sure that I would get that dirty way to fast, haha. Thanks for the great giveaways.

  25. My favorite color is blue, like a sea blue with just a hint of green in it. But I also just love pink, so girly. I would share the other with my daughter who has just gone back to school and with two little ones she really needs to be organized now!

  26. I signed my 6 year old niece up to receive several months of your sticker club mailings. She received her first mailing yesterday and is so excited. She lives several states away and this was a fun way to give her a birthday gift. She also gets to look forward to several more months of mailings. Thank you.

  27. Super cute- perfect for Australia day here in Oz! If I won, I’d give one to my sister who signed me up for 3 months to pip for my birthday: legend 🙂

  28. The planner looks so cute! 🙂
    My go to colors are always purple and black! I just really like the contrast. I would give the extra planner to my friend Jess, she is always carrying around post- its with her to do list on them!

  29. I love to deck out my planner with stickers. Instead of drawing stars for emphasis on important tasks, I use tiny stickers. Or I’ll use stickers for bullet points. Then I feel like I’m crafting or day dreaming, which is way more fun than writing errands down so I don’t forget them.

  30. The color pink for me represents beauty I have lost several family members including my dad to cancer pink was my dads favorite color and my beautiful cousins I lost to breast cancer so I love pink for it represents more than just a color to me

  31. Blerg! I commented previously, but forgot to include a color! See how much I need a planner – I have to write everything down for my brain to function! I’d love a planner in yellow or pink!

  32. Since I keep several different types of planners, I always have at least one on my wish list at all times! Since I am a survivor of two different cancers, I usually covet pink – an indicator for the breast cancer and lavender/light purple as an indicator for the other rare one that doesn’t have it’s own color and uses the lavender that indicates all cancer. Like you, I tend to favor different colors that I wear and those of my surroundings. I often feel like a rainbow of favorite colors because of that. However, most of my favorite supply colors are in the pink/purple range with blues and salmons hanging right in there with them.
    My SIL is supportive of me always as I have tried to be for her. I must say she is much ahead. I love gifting her things I love that I believe she will, too. I would send her the planner in her choice of the two colors, should I win.
    Thanks, Mo, for this wonderful month of planner giveaways!!

  33. I just love yellow, and a bright, sunny planner in yellow would be my choice, although pink and black are pretty awesome too!
    My beautiful friend Naomi has just had her fifth baby (and homeschools her three boys who all have ASD) so I KNOW she’d love a new planner to keep her overflowing brain in order.

  34. Definitely a mint green color! I found a great planner cover in that color but couldn’t find a planner that met my needs that was the right size for it so I had to return it.
    My friend Misty has been there for me through my recent break up and I’m thankful for her.

  35. I would Love to win!! Pink is my favorite color and I’m obsessed with planning. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity.

  36. I purchased the “Passion Planner” download last year. It has been one of my favorite planners! I love these little guys! My color combo is usually based off a current favorite sticker collection, this way I can switch it up each month. How lucky I am to get Pipsticks in the mail every month to choose from?! Lol

  37. Purple is Life💜 Having your best friend living right next door is a blessing I never imagined. We met 9 years ago when my 3 very small children and I moved in.. I was carrying in boxes and her stereo was turned up😜 I was so excited to have a single mom, my age, who jammed out to the same music I did living next door. I introduced myself two days later, and we’ve been sisters ever since💞 We support each other, take care of each other’s kids, carpool to school, and share our deepest dreams and fears.. we laugh, we cry, we fight, but we ALWAYS have each other’s backs!! #IAmMySistersKeeper

  38. I usually choose plain black for notebooks or planners, partly because it entertains me to have a book with a buttoned down outward appearance and an inside full of glittery stickers and soft-color highlighters.

  39. Pink. the fave colour of both me and my best friend my mother. she deserves only the best and could use the planner to write all our girls night out dates.

  40. Gold…I think a gold planner would be stunning. It would stand out which would remind me to use it. My favorite color is actually blue – every shade of blue. A planner in blue would be awesome too.

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