July 29, 2014

Stick Puppets

• • • Stick Puppets • • •

So many stickers these days have their own little personalities. Robots, astronauts, animals of all kinds – we can almost hear them talking to us (okay, maybe we’ve taken this imaginative play a little too far). Here, we’ve given a few of our favorite jungle stickers a life of their own and turned them into stick puppets. Colorful, fun, and easy to make, these are sure to be a hit – and the finished product a great pre-dinner distraction for the kids.


Popsicle or coffee stir sticks (we swiped some from our local coffee shop)

Medium – large stickers (animals, people, cartoons, characters work best for play later)

Colored card stock





1. Use markers to decorate your sticks. This in itself can be slightly addictive.

2. Take a sticker and center it on a colored stick so that the stick comes midway up the back of the sticker.

3. Cut pieces of cardstock that are just bigger than the sticker.

4. Stick cardstock on the back of the sticker. Press down firmly, being sure to press the sticker onto the stick as well.

5. Cut around the sticker – we think it looks best with some color showing on the border.

6. Calling all stick puppets to stage…set design is up to you.

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