July 29, 2014

Superhero wrist bands

Here's a super easy sticker craft for your little superheroes!
Here’s a super easy sticker craft for your little superheroes!


Who is your inner superhero? This easy project makes use of what you have around the house and is a great way to inspire a few days of superhero play. Use whatever stickers you have around – stars are a classic of course. Add sparkles if you have them to insure instant success.


MATERIALS (makes two bands):

1 paper towel roll / 2 toilet paper rolls


paint brush(es)



glue / double stick tape

glitter glue



1. Paint the rolls, let dry. Be sure to do this before you cut them as they will warp otherwise.

2. Cut the roll vertically, and then into bands. Make two bands about 2.5″ wide and two about 1.5″ wide.

3. Decorate the smaller bands with stickers.

4. Center the narrow band on the thicker band and secure with glue or double stick tape.

5. Paint the edges of the wrist bands with glitter glue.

6. Go save the world.


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