August 9, 2016

Kawaii stickers have a lot to smile about

Are you ready for these kawaii stickers? Kittens and cupcakes and bears, OH MY!

Want to see what kawaii stickers we’re collecting at our Pipsticks HQ? Here’s a sneak peak into our kawaii sticker drawer.  Some of these are even included in our Pro club sticker packs

Prepare yourself for total cuteness overload. You have been warned!

Kawaii stickers


KINGDOM: Sticker > PHYLUM: Kawaii > Class: Animals (Mrs Grossmans)
Can you imagine joining this super cute kawaii sticker tea party?! I’d want to wear a flower in my hair just like the hedgehog 🙂


KINGDOM: Sticker > PHYLUM: Kawaii > Class: Sweets
Speaking of tea party… I’ll have a slice of each of these yummy treats. Anyone have a good bakery recommendation? Perhaps a place that makes sweets as cute as these kawaii stickers!


KINGDOM: Sticker > PHYLUM: Kawaii > Class: Fruits
Strawberries go so well with that delicious cake, amiright?! So cute, and totally kawaii. These are simply sweet.


KINGDOM: Sticker > PHYLUM: Kawaii > Class: Dance
These doodled ballerinas look ready to twirl right off that sticker sheet and into your sticker collection. They make me wish I was a beautiful ballerina, mainly for the cute tutus.


KINGDOM: Sticker > PHYLUM: Kawaii > Class: Cupcakes
Sometimes my sticker collection perpetuates a sweet tooth. Like these sparkly sprinkled cupcakes make me crave a cute sugary treat!


KINGDOM: Sticker > PHYLUM: Kawaii > Class: Crowns
Sparkly crowns!? Talk about feeling like royalty. These are a staple to any kawaii sticker collection.


KINGDOM: Sticker > PHYLUM: Kawaii > Class: Polar bear
These blushing polar bears make me smile. Especially the one in the bee costume, beecause how much cuter could it bee?!


KINGDOM: Sticker > PHYLUM: Kawaii > Class: Hearts
Another classic kawaii sticker in my collection that never gets old. Colorful little winking hearts are as cute and versatile as a denim jacket.


KINGDOM: Sticker > PHYLUM: Kawaii > Class: Penguin
Some fun facts about real penguins: They can’t fly. They spend half their time on land, and the other half in water. Many penguins mate for life (awww).

Some fun facts about sticker penguins: They also can’t fly, because they’re typically stuck to something. They spend almost all of their time on land, because if you get them wet they won’t be sticky anymore. Many, if not all kawaii sticker penguins are super cute (also, awwww).


KINGDOM: Sticker > PHYLUM: Kawaii > Class: Elephant
Doesn’t the elephant with the multicolored squares look like Elmer, the patchwork elephant? Remember that story about the cute colorful elephant that was embarrassed to be different, but in the end (spoilers) learned to embrace his uniqueness? Great read.


KINGDOM: Sticker > PHYLUM: Kawaii > Class: Birds
Unlike penguins these birdies can fly! Cue “I Believe I Can Fly” background music.  (I would officially like to apologize for that song now being stuck in your head, sorry!)


KINGDOM: Sticker > PHYLUM: Kawaii > Class: Mushrooms
What did the mushroom say to the tomato plant?
“What do you mean you don’t want to play? I’m a fungi!”
Did you know mushrooms can be a sign of a healthy garden? So let those plants play!


KINGDOM: Sticker > PHYLUM: Kawaii > Class: Native American
These very expressive kawaii stickers are super cute! But can someone please hand that little guy with the runny nose a tissue?


KINGDOM: Sticker > PHYLUM: Kawaii > Class: Party animal
These animals know how to have a good time! The perfect sticker for your planner when you have a party to look forward to on the weekend 🙂 Party on!


KINGDOM: Sticker > PHYLUM: Kawaii > Class: Panda
Bear with me guys, but I recently learned that pandas and raccoons are not related. Surprising, right?! These kawaii sticker pandas look shocked.


KINGDOM: Sticker > PHYLUM: Kawaii > Class: Cat
The cat obsession is real. These cute sticker cats are playful and perfect to put on any snail mail letter.  Definitely a fun addition to any kawaii sticker collection.  Also, how cozy does that kitty look bathing in a cup of tea? Comfort goals.

kawaii-scratch n sniff5

KINGDOM: Sticker > PHYLUM: Kawaii > Class: Ice cream
Sorbet with chocolate sauce? Not sure how I feel about the flavor combination. Your thoughts?  Regardless, how cute is the scoop with the tongue out?

kawaii-cupcake_scratch n sniff

KINGDOM: Sticker > PHYLUM: Kawaii > Class: Cupcake
Quite possibly the most delicious looking cupcake I’ve ever seen. Stick this cute kawaii sticker cupcake up anywhere and it will instantly sweeten up your day.

kawaii-bubble-gum-scratch n sniff

KINGDOM: Sticker > PHYLUM: Kawaii > Class: Gum ball machine
If you didn’t get your fill of sweet stickers yet, here’s another! Contrary to popular belief, it does not take 7 years to digest swallowed gum. Just FYI, I still would not recommend swallowing gum or stickers that look like gum.

kawaii-scratch n sniff

KINGDOM: Sticker > PHYLUM: Kawaii > Class: Apple
That face you make when you eat a Warheads Extremely Sour candy ^^
Green apple is far and away the best sour flavor out there, with blue raspberry coming in a close second. Thoughts?


KINGDOM: Sticker > PHYLUM: Kawaii > Class: Cats
These playfully cat stickers put puppy stickers to shame. The kitten rocking the fedora steals the show for sure.  I mean, how much classier can a kawaii sticker get?


KINGDOM: Sticker > PHYLUM: Kawaii > Class: What are these?
Llamas! Wait, no… poodles? Sheep maybe? Whatever you call them, these fluffy little guys are undoubtedly kawaii and colorful! The watercolor hearts are a sweet addition.


KINGDOM: Sticker > PHYLUM: Kawaii > Class: Garden (Mrs. Grossmans)
These Eric Carle-esk flowers and butterflies are a perfect addition to any kawaii sticker garden.  The butterflies must have been very hungry caterpillars at one time in their life.


KINGDOM: Sticker > PHYLUM: Kawaii > Class: Veggies (Paper Chase)
What did the other veggies say when the onion fell and cut himself? “Great, now we’re all going to start crying!”
What do you call an angry vegetable? Steamed.
If two vegetarians are arguing, is it still called a beef?
If you didn’t like my veggie jokes, I hope you still like these cute smiling kawaii stickers 🙂


KINGDOM: Sticker > PHYLUM: Kawaii > Class: Cats
These kittens are planner ready, stick them up in your day to day decoration! They will remind you to take much needed coffee breaks, be happy, or get on that ever-growing to-do list.


KINGDOM: Sticker > PHYLUM: Kawaii > Class: Cats
There are two types of cats: adorable and hilarious. This kawaii sticker sheet combines the two for ultimate cute cat sticker enjoyment! Now excuse me while I google “funny cat videos”…


KINGDOM: Sticker > PHYLUM: Kawaii > Class: Cats (again)
Purrrfect stickers for a planner! On the sticker sheet this looks like a bunch of indecisive kittens, but pop them on your planner and they are a cute addition to your week by week plans.


KINGDOM: Sticker > PHYLUM: Kawaii > Class: Farm
Currently googling “are llamas and sheep related”?  Regardless of if they are, how totally awesome are these stickers? Love the scared squirrel addition on this sticker sheet.


KINGDOM: Sticker > PHYLUM: Kawaii > Class: Alphabet
A to Z these alphabet kawaii stickers are as cute as can be! Unbelievably cute “U” for Unicorn. Let me spell it out for you, I L.O.V.E. this sticker sheet!


KINGDOM: Sticker > PHYLUM: Kawaii > Class: Garden Animals
These stickers look like they’re about to frolic off the page. How cute would these kittens, bunnies, and deer be bouncing around your actual garden? That would be a totally adorable garden party!


KINGDOM: Sticker > PHYLUM: Kawaii > Class: Cats
Meow! We can’t get enough of kitten stickers these days.  Here are some more of my favorite planner cats that are adorable reminders to relax, don’t cry, and let it be.  Thanks for the advice kawaii sticker kitties 🙂


KINGDOM: Sticker > PHYLUM: Kawaii > Class: Dolls
Anyone where you can get some cute paper dolls now a-day? These kawaii stickers are sweet and retro, a fun addition to the collection.


KINGDOM: Sticker > PHYLUM: Kawaii > Class: Animals
Hello Geeks! These funky animals will get you into a geeky spirit.  Forget flower crowns, I am all about that monkey’s banana hat! New trend alert?

If you’re ready for some kawaii sticker love, join our Pro sticker club and prepare for a cute attack.

Also, check out more of our Puffy Sticker collection!

19 thoughts on “Kawaii stickers have a lot to smile about”

  1. OMG I need all of those!!! They are all so great. The lama’s, elephants and polar bears are my favorites. I hope for loads of these kawaii stickers in my subscription 🙂

  2. Oh. My. Goodness!!! As if this month’s carnival-themed Pro Club envelope weren’t cute enough?! My jaw dropped progressively lower as I scrolled down the page — I loved the blast from the past with the smiling multi-colored hearts 🙂 — but those kittens?! Cuteness overload T_T Looking forward to next month’s birthday celebration!

  3. I love these stickers SO MUCH! I’m curious though, I just signed up (birthday present from my kids) will these be part of that first initial box?

    1. Yay, welcome to the club, Heather (best kids ever!). None of the stickers from this post will be in your first pack, but there are definitely these types of stickers in each pack. Your first pack will go out on Sept. 1 and it will be our MEGA pack to celebrate our 2nd birthday!! xoxo

  4. Omg! I luv these! Expecially all the planner cats, the bunnies, hearts and the mushrooms! They r all awesome!! So excited!!

  5. oh goodnessss! My kiddo would steal those hedgies if they were to show up in my pack and I don’t hide them!
    (I hope they show up in one of my packs….and I will hide them…haha! LOL)
    these are all sooo sweet! I love them all!!

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